Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Visit back!

Ty and I made it!  Our first food stop.

 Oh how I missed you, Inka Cola.
 Parque del Amor in Lima!
 The wonderful view in Lima, Larcomar/Miraflores

 On my way to site!  Missed these drives.

 most of all the coconut groves!

my favorite lunch!
 "Welcome home Mandy" on the wall when I walked in :)
 Playing around after/during lunch

 Geraldine and Leandro!

 On our way out to see the rice fields in my host dads mototaxi!  The girls on the back!
 Family photo!
 Got to see a LOT of my old students

 Selfie in the rice fields!

 Chunky little Leandro!

 This is now FLYING the kites we had to judge!

 Walking around town with my old students

 Back in the capital city of Piura!

 They family came in for pizza!  Their first time ever.
 Alinson and Leandro

 que rico!

 My awesome jacket they gave me (and that I had almost purchased for myself the day before.. always reading my mind!)

 Someone stole my phone!

Family selfie :)
 We went shopping !
 Selfies with my sistas
 Missed the fruit!
 Piura city
 Food festival in Lima - these breads were shaped like babies! (although a little creepy hehe)
yumm... purple corn bread :)